Thursday, August 27, 2009

3D Analyze - Play Latest Games on the SAME OLD MACHINE!!

Author: Ahmed Ali Abbasi (

So you want to play the latest games but can't because you're VGA card is not really up to task. That's where utilities such as 3D Analyze come into play. 3D Analyze is a utility that tweaks certain features of a GPU to increase the performance by as much as 50%!

Solving the notorious "Pixel Shader Problems"

Beginning the Procedure

1>>Download 3D Analyze from (
2>>IMPORTANT: Be sure to extract it in your WINDOWS folder.
3>>To begin browse to the folder where you extracted the 3D Analyze. Double click the icon.
4>>Now a new screen pops up.
IMPORTANT:You may want to experiment with the settings.The settings provided below are the settings that will adjust to most of the games.

Enable the:
1>>"emulate HW Tnl caps".
2>>"emulate other DX8.1 caps".
3>>"emulate pixel shader caps".
4>>"force high percision pixel shader".
5>>Now click "RUN".
6>>Run the game!!

It would be highly appreciated if all of you keep on modifying the settings and provide positive feedback.


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