Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cooling a particular component - Hardware Hacking!

Author: Ahmed Ali Abbasi (

In order to gather information about your computer's temperature and other heating issues which may be caused by overclocking, we need to download this simple but immensely useful utility Everest. You can download it here >> (


(a) Run Everest

(b) Click on the "sensor" option in main menu.

(c) Here you will get to know your temeperatures.

(d) Note: GPU temperatures are considered NORMAL in the range from 30-60 degrees at Idle and around 70-85 degrees while using heavy graphics applications.

Good Old Methods

(a) Remove the casing or the sides of your PC by just loosening a few easy bolts.This reduces the temperatures by an approximate 15Degrees.Keep your PC Clean And WELL VENTILATED.

(b) Better air flow by re arranging the wires and renovating the jumbled ones.

(c) Try to avoid keeping your pc in cornering areas.

(d) Make sure that the PC is ATLEAST 3 feet away from any type of a wall.

(e) Clean your PC gently and regularly with a brush.

Okay, so now let us talk about software which can be used to cool down your CPU components. There are two good applications which can do it for you. They are:


I prefer SpeedFan because it uses lesser resources and doesn't make your system very noisy. Just download it from ( and run it. It is very user friendly and you can easily manipulate and control the fan speed according to the temperature of your components. :)

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