Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hex Editing - Part 2

Okay, so by now, I assume, that you are well versed with the Basic Hex Editing. If you are still to know what Hex Editing is, go HERE.

We'll go one step further in this part and show you what Hex Edit can do which no other program can do for you.

Okay, so if you have an executable application which shows some text in a dialogue box when you run it and you want to replace the text with something else, how can you do it? There is no way that you can do it except by hex editing it. Okay, so imagine the file looks something like this:

Now you want to change it from SALMAN to something else. For this, open the file in your Hex Editor i.e XVI32 and search for 'SALMAN' on the right side panel on your screen, each letter in a separate block. When you find it, just replace it with the text you want to be displayed. Don't make unnecessary white space in between or else it'll corrupt the application! Now save the application and whoa! It's done! Play around with more simple applications. But always backup your file before hex editing! ALWAYS!

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Sara Hassan said...

Salman, i have to admit, beautiful piece of information and quite handy. Keep at it! :)

Hack-ed said...

Thanks, Sara. :)

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