Friday, August 21, 2009

Retrieving Streamed Videos

You just watched your video on Youtube or some other tube site and want to retrieve it somehow. How do you do that? Let's take it with two different browsers. Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Internet Explorer

Okay, you have to click on Tools and then select Internet Options. Under the 'Browsing History' section, click on Settings. You'll see another dialog box. In this one, just click on 'View Files'. Now you have the Internet Cache infront of you. Just right click and arrange icons by size. The files with the greatest sizes are your video files and their names read like this: AB81HS7SD8H.

So cut these files and paste them in some other folder. Rename them to .flv and here you go. You have your streamed videos.

Mozilla Firefox

Before going ahead, just make sure you have enabled your explorer to show hidden files.

1>>Go to the partition where you have installed Windows.
2>>Open Documents and Settings>>USERNAME>>Local Settings>>Application Data>>Mozilla.
3>>Now open the Firefox folder and then open the "profiles" folder. There will a folder named like this "ua3amy0i.default" inside. Open this folder.
4>>Now double click on the "Cache" folder and here you go.
5>>Arrange the files with respect to size and copy the files you want as stated before.
6>>Rename the files to .flv and BINGO! :D


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