Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cain and Abel - Cracking (Rainbow Tables Explained)

Rainbow Tables are a compact representation of related plaintext password sequences. In other words, they are huge lists of passwords that meet certain criteria.

Rainbow tables are used to return a plaintext password from a hash. They can be fastest method amongst all but creating them requires a lot of hardwork.

So to generate a rainbow table, you have to follow these steps:

1>>To generate a rainbow table, we will use a free program called Wintrgen. (

2>>When we'll click 'Add Table' a dialogue box will appear where we'll lbe able to specify the criteria for the Rainbow Table.

3>>The options marked 'Hash' and 'Charset' are the ones we need to change.

4>>The 'Hash' option allows you to choose the type of hash you'll be cracking and the 'Charset' allows you to specify the character set for the hash you'll be cracking. A character set is actually the list of all possible characters in your hash. Greater the number of characters, larger the amount of time it will take to crack and vice versa.

5>>Now let us start by trying to crack an MD5 hash of max length '8' and numbers-only charset.

6>>The Key Space option shows that these specifications will create a table with 111,111,110 keys and will take a total space of around 631 MB on your hard drive.

7>>Finally hit Ok and then 'Start' to begin creating the table.

8>>Keep in mind that table generation can be very long and tedious.

9>>Once you've created the table, you're ready to proceed to the next tutorial.

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