Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cain and Abel - Dictionary vs Bruteforce attacks!

Courtesy Go4the101.

In this tutorial we'll be drawing a line between Dictionary Attacks and Bruteforce Attacks.

1>>Bruteforce attacks basically involve trying all possible keys to crack a password. On the other hand, Dictionary attack only tries the most probable passwords which are derived from a given Wordlist such as Aragon Wordlist.

2>>Dictionary attacks are much faster than the Bruteforce attacks but they donot always gurantee that the password will be cracked because there is no guarantee that the password is in your dictionary. Bruteforce attacks, however, always end up cracking the password once given the time to do so.

3>>Thus, a dictionary attack will never be able to crack a password like 'aCe#33&9' whereas Bruteforce will.

4>>Dictionary attack should always be your first choice but Bruteforce should be the last.

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