Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Edit FLV Videos in seconds! - RichFLV

Okay, this isn't really a hack but this thing caught me so much I had to let you guys know about it. Now you can edit your favorite FLV Videos in seconds, cropping or cutting or doing almost everything with them at will. There's this extremely light utility which happens to do it for you.

The utility is RichFLV and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The basic environment of the program is explained as follows:

File Menu

Use the Open menu item in the File menu to open and play FLV files and use the Save menu item in the File menu to save your edited FLV files.

Window Menu

You can use “Show Video Player Only” menu item in the Window menu while playing a FLV file, but it will be a good idea to show the Info Panel and Control Panel, both through the Window menu, when editing the FLV file.

Info Panel

This shows all available info about the FLV file, and you can add or delete data.

In the Metadata tab you may see some name, value pairs. You could add more metadata from here.

The Cue Points tab allows you to add or delete cue points of navigation and event types, and add or delete parameters about each of the cue points. These cue points will be useful if you are creating a SWF from the FLV file. 

The Keyframes tab lists all the key frames based on timestamp and file position. You can set Inpoint and Outpoint to the frames of your choice in this tab. The Inpoint is where your edited clip starts and Outpoint is where it ends.

Cue points are used for creating a SWF from the FLV file. 

The inpoint and outpoint, on the other hand, are used for cutting or cropping clips. Inpoint is where the clip you want to cut starts and Outpoint is where it ends.

Control Panel

You can navigate across the FLV, move your previously created cue points (the white and red downward arrows), and set your Inpoint and Outpoint (by moving the black markers on either side of the red tape).

Export Menu

After you select your Inpoint and Outpoint you can export the clip as either FLV or FLV (no sound) or FLV (sound only) or MP3 or SWF or XML (exports only the Cue points).

Import Menu

You can import a FLV file into another already opened one to stitch them together end to end, or import a MP3 file into the opened FLV file to add soundtrack to it.

Enjoy! :D


Darius Whiteplume said...

Hi, came across this post since I have been playing with VLC recording.

I am guessing this works somewhat like Windows movie maker, perhaps? I have a movie I want to trim scenes from, but going from the VLC MPG format to to anything but FLV smoothly has been troublesome. I am hoping to clip out the scenes I don't want, then combine the scenes I do into one file. I'll definitely check this out, I just happen to be on a machine I have no admin rights to - work comp/domain member :-(

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